Sun and cloud – Vancouver – March 2012

I’m a busy one – as we all are – busy just managing life and trying to not look completely disheveled in public. Fortunately, having three kids in the last 7 years of my life hasn’t halted all of my brain activity. Actually, the tsunami of thoughts never stop and at unexpected times, like when I’m bent to tie my son’s shoe or stepping out onto the sidewalk to take yet another walk to the park with my kids, I’m broadsided by a thought that throws me into either severe nostalgia, regret, joy, sadness. I’m usually left disoriented. Sometimes, on the sidewalk, I stop the stroller for maybe all of 4 seconds, and look up at the blue sky and imagine us spinning, slow and creaking, on this earth – I try to take in the reality of us being held in immense space by the pull of the sun. I get dizzy and light headed. Then it’s off to get the morning’s latte and give that push on the swing I’d promised.

I wonder. I wonder about the temper of my relationship with my husband, the breathtaking nature of life and death, how to make the perfect chocolate chip cookie, the dizzying complexity of people, the heart-aching whimsy and beauty of kids.

I’m hoping this blog will help me keep my feet on the ground.


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