My Photos – a Collection of my Faves

I take so many photos, so I thought I’d weed through them and post my favourites somewhere. So, here they be! I’m not sure if this format is the best, but let’s give it a whirl and see how it goes. I’ll most likely add to this gallery as new favourites emerge.

I’m definitely not anywhere close to being a full fledged photographer, but I sure do like taking pictures. Initially, way back in 2002 (which is about the date of the first photos), I was using a Nikon film camera (*gasp*) – from there I moved from a little Canon Powershot digital point and shoot, to a Canon Rebel with a basic lens, and then to the iPhone. I aspire to go back to my Canon Rebel, to take higher quality pictures, but am trying to save up for a new lens. So, for the last few years I’ve been relying heavily on my trusty iphone camera and the various filters and editing programs available to me. You can see in the appearance of the photos a progression from the small digital to the Canon Rebel to the (what I find embarrassing) Hipstamatic app to Instagram. These days, I mostly post and use the filters on Instagram, but every now and then I venture out and use something like Snapseed or CameraBag. Instagram is really convenient for me – as a mom of three, being able to point, shoot, and edit within a minute has made this all possible. Perhaps in the future I’ll fiddle more with higher tech cameras and editing software. For now though, I’m just dang happy to be experiencing and processing the world around me in this way.

(After going through hundreds of files and selecting all of these, I can more clearly see the difference between the phone pictures and the Canon pictures! I may have a renewed desire to upgrade).

I found it hard to choose from the hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of pictures in my files. I found myself wanting to pick certain pictures simply because the memory made me smile, and some of those definitely made it in, but I tried my darndest to keep pure sentimentality at bay and focus on both the memory and the quality of the pictures as I selected – subject, composition, contrast, colour, light, engagement. I noted quite a shift in how I took pictures over the years, from 2002 to now; there is a change in perspective, subject, overall taste. What I like about the selection is how they walk me through the seasons and the travels of our lives: Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter – travel, singleness, marriage, children – Europe, Oregon, British Columbia, Newfoundland.

Anyway – enjoy!


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